Sunday, October 20

Broken Heart

Why this constant urge to be near you, to be with you. Even when I know that these thousands of miles are insignificant to the distance separating us. The pain is so intense that it is physical, unbearable. I know now that even if you were standing right next me it will be difficult for you to recognise me.

All of it seems so unreal. Is it true that we walked together for hours with not a worry in the world, just filled by the presence of each other. Or was it even then that your subtle smile was for someone you were thinking about. I still travel those paths, but alone. Looking for the answers about when all of it went wrong.

I constantly kept talking to you and you were the only one who could make me talk the way i did. A complete day without talking to you seemed too long a duration, too difficult an idea to comprehend but now its been several months since our last chat. Has it really been this long or is it only my imagination. Because it can not possibly be true.

Tell me something, give me atleast some reason.

I can not bring myself to tell even to me that what you did was wrong. Every time I try and ask myself to forget you, all I achieve is an avid image.. How you used to smile at me!!!!


Its the beginning of a new year again.. But when will I find one..
I have seen two Christmas since I last saw you..
Even today..when I am most excited..I hope to see you..
When I dream, why is it always you..
Ever so often..I see you just across the street..
When I reach there, its not you..
I know its hardly possible..but I always hope if it is you..

UN Reforms - Saudi walkout

"In an unprecedented about-face, the Kingdom abruptly changed its mind about taking one of the Council’s 10 non-permanent seats in protest at its failure to respond decisively to conflicts such as the Syrian civil war." - Independent, UK

The only unprecedented part of the action here is the boldness of the move taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Whether intended or unintended.. It has brought to center stage several questions which have been repeatedly taken up in the past.

There has been a long standing demand for 'reform' in the way the UN and especially UNSC works.

Today UNSC has very much become the fiefdom of US. US uses its ability to provide both military and economic aid to garner votes that it needs to push its own foreign policy. Some states trade their votes in the for U.S. aid, while others even do it for favorable World Bank decisions.

At other times, countries simply try to avoid or abstain from voting to avoid stepping on the wrong side of US.

Besides, as a non-permanent member, Saudi Arabia would have had little power to affect votes given that five states (the U.S., China, France, the U.K. and Russia) have veto power (the ability to block any resolution). This does not reflect the changing realities of the day. There has been a long standing demand for democratization of the UNSC with the clause for veto removed or more nations inducted in this exclusive club.

The Saudi decision has provided a stage upon which UN reforms can be given a kick start. This opportunity should not be lost.

Wednesday, October 16

Dedicated to Future..

Today read about the 10,000 year clock.. An interesting and inspiring dedication to long term thinking..

Originally conceived in 1989 by Danny Hills.. As a dedication to the fact that the civilization's been around for a long time.. And will be ongoing long after everyone has forgotten about us..

The idea is about a Clock that ticks once a year, where the century hand advances once every 100 years, and the cuckoo comes out on the millennium..

The idea still being basically the same.. Is actually taking shape under, "The Long Now Foundation".. Funded mostly privately by Jeff Bezos..

To read more about the same.. Please visit:

Sunday, October 13


Today after a long time.. Maybe for the first time in my memory.. I am feeling proud of India's administration.. a job done very well in Odhisa & AP..
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