Sunday, October 20

Broken Heart

Why this constant urge to be near you, to be with you. Even when I know that these thousands of miles are insignificant to the distance separating us. The pain is so intense that it is physical, unbearable. I know now that even if you were standing right next me it will be difficult for you to recognise me.

All of it seems so unreal. Is it true that we walked together for hours with not a worry in the world, just filled by the presence of each other. Or was it even then that your subtle smile was for someone you were thinking about. I still travel those paths, but alone. Looking for the answers about when all of it went wrong.

I constantly kept talking to you and you were the only one who could make me talk the way i did. A complete day without talking to you seemed too long a duration, too difficult an idea to comprehend but now its been several months since our last chat. Has it really been this long or is it only my imagination. Because it can not possibly be true.

Tell me something, give me atleast some reason.

I can not bring myself to tell even to me that what you did was wrong. Every time I try and ask myself to forget you, all I achieve is an avid image.. How you used to smile at me!!!!

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